LEGAL Service Needs much like MEDICAL Insurance Needs

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Keith and I have been using Legal Shield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal) services for years.  We never imagined how much we would use their services!  It’s so affordable and you just can’t put a price on the PEACE OF MIND you get when you are able to consult an attorney for whatever matter you need.  We got our wills done when the Provider Law Firm had a “Will Night” at their office, too.  It was so nice to meet in person the 7 or 8 attorneys we’ve had handle our questions or legal issues over the years.  We have all of our contracts reviewed every year and so much more!

Check out our Legal Shield website at

There’s personal plans, home based business plans, small business plans, identity theft plans and so much more!  They have Provider Firms in every state.  For Maryland:

Weinstock, Friedman and Friedman, PA

Toll Free: 800-223-8688

Direct: 410-559-9020

Spanish Toll Free Number: 800-811-4536

They have Open Houses scheduled every other month!

Please email us if you have any questions!  We highly recommend this to everyone we know!


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