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Keith and Shannon French sincerely believe we have stumbled upon the chance of a lifetime and want to give you a chance to benefit from it as well.  A little bit behind the story of H9 Water…

H3O2 (H9water)We all know there are three phases of water: Frozen, vapor, and liquid H2O. Several years ago, researchers discovered a fourth phase!

This fourth phase is “structured water” or H3O2. When you drink water, whether it be in a bottle or from a tap, your body has to convert it into H3O2 in order for it to be absorbed by all of the trillion cells in your body. This is how you become hydrated.  As you can imagine, it takes a lot of energy for your body to convert this water, which is the reason you have to drink so much water everyday!

After this discovery was made, researchers went to work on creating this fourth phase of water and being able to bottle it and be able to retain the H3O2 structure. There are several ways to convert H2O into H3O2, but as soon as it is bottled, it looses this structure and quickly returns to regular ole water.

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After 7 long years of trial and error, a researcher in California developed and perfected a 9-step process in order to bottle, ship and remain on a shelf for months without losing the structure! (Hence the “9” in H9!)

This researcher also infused the water with high quality organic vitamins, colloidal minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes so this pure nutrition could be bonded with the structured water molecules and absorbed directly into the human cells.  He immediately filed a US patent and International patent to protect his discovery. He was also able to have it certified as USDA Green Organic.

H9 Structured Water is much more hydrating than regular water.  In fact, drinking one bottle of H9 is like drinking several bottles of regular water.  You can get hydrated quicker AND you are getting all of the nutrients into your body without having to take a bunch of pills everyday!!

Drink More Water H9WaterIf you walked into Walmart or a grocery store and saw a bottle of water on the shelf that cost $4.00 would you buy it with no explanation of WHY it is $4.00??  Probably not!! We know we wouldn’t!!

Researchers realized this as well.  Several multimillionaire investors found out about this discovery, and started hiring investigators to review and verify the research. A one year consumer market test was done. People were given one bottle of H9 everyday for one year.  They were then required to report any changes that occurred in their health, energy levels, sleep habits, etc.  The results were so impressive that the investors bought his bottling plant, patents, and marketing rights and made him a partner!  After research from marketing firms, it came to pass that H9 would be sold on a direct selling basis. People would need to be educated on how H9 was different from regular water, and the easiest way to do this was through direct marketing.

There are 6 owners/investors who all made their millions through traditional businesses, but decided to bring this wonderful discovery to life!  H9 now has a corporate office in downtown Ft. Worth, TX. Direct marketing started in January of 2015.  H9 has not even had an official “launch” yet and we are already seeing results from people who are drinking the water and feeling amazing!  It is very rare to get in on the ground floor of an opportunity such as this.

We are excited to bring this water to market and help people feel better and also help people financially as well, and hope that you will consider joining our team as we build a better future for ourselves together!!!

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